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Character Spotlights

Rather than drowing you with content, we decided we are going to take a storytelling approach to our cosplays. This section will feature a rotating cast of our signature characters. You'll get podcasts giving you the whole YuckMouth Media: Behind the Garbage spin on the details from character inspiration, to concept, to creation, and evolution of the character over time. Characters featured here will also have an Official TG Trading Card in the Trading Card gallery! Go check them out!

Debo Hrycaj

Garalt of  Rivia

Mike Michalski

Wolfbrother Druid

Niki DeFrancisco

Red Sonja
"Once or Twice"
The Blind Staggers

Red Sonja makes an appearance in this official music video for "Once or Twice" by the Blind Staggers from 2017. The Blind Staggers are a local Chicago treasure, some of Nik's childhood best friends, and her favorite band. See if you can spot her! Check out the band at