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Trashgoblins, Inc.

A Collaborative Creative Community

At its core, the Trashgoblins are anyone and everyone - past, present, and future - who create or collaborate with us, contribute to the work we do in any way, or support our endeavors (this includes people that just literally hang with us while we are doing the things). We aspire to be a true collaborative community because we believe that, above all, the people are what makes this worthwhile for us. Come meet the fam!

Founding Gobbies

These peeps were putting up with our nonsense since before we knew what we were even doing. There from the very beginning, they showed up, threw down, and just...never left...? While our original group is in varying forms of figuring out post-Covid life, they are very much still Gobby Fam. Although elusive these days, we know they'll be back with us at a Con someday soon, and likely with some Littles in tow (ya'll even know the Goblin reproduction rate? It's terrifying. We are a few short years from an Empire). 

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Certified Canine Estitician

Business Owner

Cake Wizard

Special FX Enthusiast

Literal Fam (Mike's Sister)

OG Gobbie by Blood (she had no choice!)

Anna Cerwonka (She/Her) - Chicago


Chris Basaraba (He/Him) - Chicago

Engineering Tech

New Dad!

Former RHPS Crew

Buffy's Biggest Fan

Prop Builder

OG Gobbie since 2016

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Alyssa Kahle (They/Them) - Chicago


Business Owner


Resident Stitch Witch 

OG Gobbie since 2019

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Deanna Seglem (She/Her) - Chicago

Airport Operations Supervisor

Might Actually be a Unicorn

80's Candy Pop Pinup Princess

Champion of Last Minute All Nighter Seamstressing

OG Gobbie since 2016


Trashgoblins HQ

This lot is some of our nearest and dearest. They are there at Trashgoblins HQ working alongside us on projects - cosplay or otherwise - or just keeping us company while we are tinkering with our latest obsession until 3 a.m. Some you'll see joining us on a Con floor, others are our very own Gobby Support, propping us behind the scenes and enthusiastically leaning-in every time Mike goes "hey there's this new game I made that I wanna test out..."

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Rosita "Rosie" (She/Her) & Celi Correa (He/They) - Chicago

Project Director for After School Programming

Social Activist


Adorable Nerd

Trashgobby Con Buddy since C2E2 2021

Genius student

Punky Gamer

Fledgling Cosplayer

First TG Appearand: C2E2 2021

Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 3.49.19 PM.png

Daniel Wade Wojciechowski (He/Him) - Chicago

Apprentice Carpenter


Bestest Boy


Trashgobby Since 2021

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Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 3.17.23 PM.png

Debbie Hrycaj (She/Her) - Chicago

Brilliant Cosplayer

Epic Level Massage Therapist

Helicopter Pilot


Fairy Vigilante

Trashgobby Con Buddy since 2015

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Sam Torres (He/Him) - Chicago

Brilliant Cosplayer

Epic Level Massage Therapist

Helicopter Pilot


Fairy Vigilante

Trashgobby Con Buddy since 2015


Sonja "Suesu" Hartgrove (She/Her) - Chicago

Corporate Office Manager/Events Coordinator

Former (Professional) Disco Queen, Greaser, Biker, and Ballerina

Life of the Party & Hostess with the Mostest

"Creepy Old Lady"

Everyone's Favorite Flop House Patron

Cleaning Lady of Eastern European Caliber

President of TGHQ Party Planning Committee

Trashgobby Mama


Jeff DeFrancisco (He/Him) - Chicago

Master Carpenter

Builder of Anything You Can Imaginet

Pickle & Beef Jerky Pedller

Former Swimmer & Diver

Green Thumb

Trashgobby Dad


Suesu's  Flop House

Who's Suesue? What's a Suesu? An enigma. Nuff said. For our purposes, lovelies, this little fam section is dedicated to Niki D's actual fam, because they have always been and continue to be her inspiration and her best friends. There's a total of 19 years difference between Nicole's (featured) cousins. And it's both sides of the fam, folks, so there's no singular source of weird, here. While cosplaying together is relatively new and too few and far between,don't be fooled by their overly ambitious LinkdIn profiles. The nerd is strong with this clan.  


The DeFran Clan

Nik's Dad's side of the fam - primarily cousins Chris (DC) DeFran and Amanda (Mander D.) Mitchell and their fams. The cousins cosplayed together for the first time at Wizard World Chicago 2015, but Mander D. has since been hard at work on making such adorable Gobby Babies (FEATURED BELOW! YOU'RE WELCOME!)  that her Insta is gonna wreck your ovaries. Without further adeu...


Avid OG Video Gamer

Pinball Repair Guru

Cosplayer and Group Cosplayer (Minnesota Comic Con, Wizard World Chicago, San Diego Comic Con)

First TG appearance: C2E2 2021

Chris (Chris D./DC) DeFrancisco - Twin Cities

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Amanda (Mander D. [DeFrancisco])

Mitchell (She/Her)- Chicago

Operations Manager

Super Mom of 2 Trashgobby Littles

Body Builder

Former Brand Ambassador

First TG appearance: The Mitchells are

Coming to C2E2 2022!

The Mitchells - Chicago

IMG_6112 2_edited.jpg

The Galambos/Hedl Tribe

Nik's Mom's (Suesu's) side; natural and raised performers. While all of the cousins of this side have cosplayed together (because they were just one mass horde as kids, shifted around from house-to-house), only Tay Tay and Nani have hung with Trashgobbies recently. We're working on the rest...

Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 7.05.10 PM.png

Taylor (Tay Tay) Hedl (She/Her) - Chicago


Vanilla WoW Despite Being so Young That's Super Sus

Cosplayer and Group Cosplayer

Clothing, Fashion, and Costume Designer

Makeup/FX Artist 

First TG appearance: Hopefully C2E2 2022? (IF SHE'LL HAVE US!!!)

  • Instagram
Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 7.24.07 PM.png

Lindsey (Nani) [Hedl] Merlo (She/Her) - Chicago

Sales Support Manager

Street Fighter II Champ, Cammy Doppleganger

Rottweiller Mama

LOTR Obsessed

Your DJ Whether You Like It or Not

Concert Ninja

First TG appearance: Hopefully C2E2 2022?

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Associate Gobbies

(Coming Soon!)

Associates are the folks that we want to give a shout out to for their contributions and individual creativity, but who wouldn't necessarily consider themselves part of our little Troop of weirdos. This can include things like other cosplayers we've worked with, photographers, artists whose work we've incorporated into our own and/or supported, people who have commissioned us for items, etc.

Products We Dig

(Coming Soon!)
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