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Trashgoblins, Inc.

A Collaborative Creative Community

At its core, the Trashgoblins are anyone and everyone - past, present, and future - who create or collaborate with us, contribute to the work we do in any way, or support our endeavors (this includes people that just literally hang with us while we are doing the things). We aspire to be a true collaborative community because we believe that, above all, the people are what makes this worthwhile for us. Come meet the fam!

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Founding Gobbies

These peeps were putting up with our nonsense since before we knew what we were even doing. There from the very beginning, they showed up, threw down, and just...never left...? While our original group is in varying forms of figuring out post-Covid life, they are very much still Gobby Fam. Although elusive these days, we know they'll be back with us at a Con someday soon, and likely with some Littles in tow (ya'll even know the Goblin reproduction rate? It's terrifying. We are a few short years from an Empire). .

Trashgobs HQ 

This lot is some of our nearest and dearest. They are there at Trashgoblins HQ working alongside us on projects - cosplay or otherwise - or just keeping us company while we are tinkering with our latest obsession until 3 a.m. Some you'll see joining us on a Con floor, others are our very own Gobby Support, propping us behind the scenes and enthusiastically leaning-in every time Mike goes "hey there's this new game I made that I wanna test out..."

TG Fam 

In most cases, LITERAL fam that somehow we harangued enough to warrant their appearance on this page. Many come to cons with us, others like to keep it more low-key and only appear on our social, but all are contributors to the overall TG community and we're stoked they are a part of it. 

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