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Goblin Bards?

The ballads, myths, stories, fables, legends, and little ditties that drive the work we do. Here you'll find the backstory, behind the scenes, and creative process fables and farces for the weird stuff we make, complete with easter eggs and jammy dodgers presented in the style of "The Toys that Made US." Hear us tell the tales of our favorite character origin stories on our Podcast page (coming soon)!  

Our Origin Stories

Going Away Party_edited.jpg

The Saga  of Mike & Niki


The Story of a Fairytale Cottage

(Trashgoblins HQ)

Fables & Legends



One of Mike's very first cosplays evolved over more years than we are permitted to say. Podcast episode is on the way! In the meantime, check out this character's Official TG Trading Card in the Trading Card gallery or click on the image > over there to see the evolution of this cosplay. 

Storytelling LIVE!

Coming Soon!


The Misadventures of YuckMouth (Coming soon!)

Catch up on the latest episodes and see what YuckMouth (the Trashgobbies' mascot) has been up to!

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